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Xie Fei 谢菲

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Karaoke Training in Chinese, English and Dialect Songs

华语, 英语, 方言歌曲卡拉ok訓綀

Individual and Group 個別与小组训练


1. Melody training by Keyboard pitch 以钢琴听音旋律训練

2. Basic Theory 基本乐理

3. Key Control 音調控制

4. Song Processing 歌曲处理

5. Karoake sound system training 卡拉ok訓綀


Location: Sennett Estate, Off Macpherson Road.

地奌: 信立新村,近麥波伸路

Bus No巴士: 65, 64, 66, 151,154,61, 8 ,90


Apply for Vocal + Karaoke Training 报名丹田發音与卡拉OK訓練:


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