Doremi Course

Doremi Vocal + Karaoke +Computer recording 丹田发音+卡拉歌唱训练+电脑录音 Call 97288208

Doremi Vocal + Chinese, English and Dialect Karaoke training+ Computer song recording. For all ages, individual or group 丹田发音+ 中英方言卡拉歌唱训练+电脑录音, 个人或小组,无年龄限制。

$39 Singles' Karaoke date event $39单身卡拉之约节目

$39 with buffet dinner + 3 hours karaoke session at Orchard Cathay Cineleisure KTV, for singles who are Singapore Citizen or SPR. $39 自助晚餐+ 3 小时卡拉Ok, 乌节路Cathay Cineleisure.

Personal DVD production call 个人音影制作97288208

Video production for personal memories and collection  个人收藏回忆音影制作。

Recent Works

丹田发音+卡拉OK训练+电脑录音 Doremi Vocal + Karaoke +Computer song recording Call 97288208